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Terri B. Webb

Uptown Studio 41 & Gallery may look ordinary on the outside; inside, it is anything but, ordinary.  Offering a 2,000 square foot space, the building demands to be used creatively.  Rescued vintage furnishings line the walls, and are asseccorized with works of art from Terri B Webb's students, friends, family, and works of her own. 
In addition to using the space to produce large commercial artwork, she rapidly converts the open studio into an art classroom.  Terri, Lydia McDaniel, and the studio's team, encourage and guide school aged students to use their minds to paint, and instructs them to use their hands as tools like the paint and brush.  With eyes closed, each student is given a subject, object, or place to visualize.  Several questions are asked to engage creativity, and it is paint, paint, paint.  
Terri brings years of experience in art, while Lydia brings experience in early childhood education.  The Studio's Team promote self esteem and accomplishment.  Classes are scheduled for after school, Saturdays, and are offered to school systems for field trip opportunities in art.  
 Come paint with us
at Uptown Studio 41 & Gallery

77 Elementary students working at easels to finish paintings for Art Exhibit

Summer Art Classes...  Limited space still available       

- Clay Self Sculpture Class (3 days, dry time, 2 days for painting) $85

- Clay Sculpture Class (3 days, dry time, 2 days for painting) $85                     

- Mixing Colors and Painting on Canvas (4 day class) $65

- Mixing Colors and Painting on Paper (2 day class) $45


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